What and why. Questions and Answers.


What’s in it for me?

Once registered, you will receive a compatibility report of potential cultural partners matched to your own business profile.

Due to the nature of many arts organisations and projects, even with high audience numbers and patrons emotionally attached to the art form, financial or in-kind support from the corporate world is often critical to ensure survival and future creativity. As a sponsor of the Arts, businesses can benefit from synergistic partnerships and achieve corporate goals such as brand awareness, image transfer, creative and memorable entertaining opportunities, CSR as well as employer branding or employee engagement activities.

Sponsoring possibilities?

Often artistic organisations are not just looking for financial partners; but given their circumstances could also benefit greatly from in-kind support whether that be in the form of goods or services. Eg. Furniture for a new museum or Pro-Bono legal / tax services.

Why use artness.net to find my next cultural partner?

  • You save time and internal ressources
  • Future external requests for arts sponsorship monies can be directed to artness.net for an initial screening and shortlisting – save time numerous ‘no, sorry’ letters to arts projects that just don’t match your company objectives
  • If needed, you can also ask our team for assistance in further developing your corporate cultural partnerships concept, bringing it to life and evaluating during the partnership lifecycle to ensure success

for who and why?

From SMEs to global organisations, corporate cultural partnerships can form an integral part in any integrated marketing communications strategy. Often the most time and resource intensive part of developing cush partnerships is the research and initial discussions to find the right cultural partner. By registering with artness.net , such companies will receive a compatibility based selection of cultural organisations and projects which have been matched to the business’s marcomms strategy as well as company vision and goals. 

Benefits of corporate cultural partnerships?

  • Sponsoring is one of the most valued and effective forms of marketing
  • In comparison with sport sponsoring, there is greater opportunity to harness the creativity of your cultural partner and further develop an emotional attachment with your target group
  • #CorporateCulturalPartnerships are mostly associated with a more highly targeted audience when compared with sport sponsorships. The question is quantity or quality?
  • By investing in the Arts and culture in your region, you are investing in creating a dynamic society which can attract employees as well as improve your image as an employer


It`s a match – what next?

Schauen Sie sich in Ruhe das Profil der Kulturinstitution an, überlegen Sie wo sich für Sie Fragen und Synergien ergeben und kontaktieren Sie bei Interesse die Institution direkt oder setzen Sie sich mit uns in Kontakt, damit wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen eine Strategie entwickeln können.

Take the time to look over the profile of your matched arts organisation or project and determine whether you also agree, that there is a possibility of developing a synergistic corporate cultural partnership where both sides benefit. If you are still interested, you can decide to contact the organisation / project directly or if you require assistance, we can assist in the initial communication – it’s your decision.

Does it fit?

This is the 64 million dollar question and if correct, can really generate ROI for your business. Sometimes though the “fit” can be hidden – we can help you find it, if you need.


Heres’s how it works

Three easy steps to artness.net and finding your perfect match (for corporate cultural partnerships that is!)

  1. Register at artness.net
  2. Complete our short matching questionnaire and upload your individual campaign
  3. You will receive an automatically generated compatibility report with matching suggestions from our registered arts organisations and projects. It is then up to you to decide which projects are more suited to your business and who you would like to contact.

We’ve provided you with the match, now it is up to you to make it perfect. Either you can decide to open conversation directly with the arts organisation / project or if you require professional assistance, we are there to help. Naturally you can also keep your campaign in our system or upload new campaigns as they are relevant – new matches are only a click of a button away!


Do I just need to register or do I need to include a campaign in my profile also?

In order to receive your compatibility report with matched Arts organisations and projects, you must complete at least one campaign profile. Only then can your company’s criteria be matched to each of our Arts profiles, according to criteria such as target group demographics, company objectives, motivation and vision as well as preferred marketing communication channels.

Can I include different campaigns under one registration?

Yes – depending on your businesses needs and regional activities, you can certainly upload different campaigns which will then be matched accordingly to find the compatible cultural partner specifically for that campaign.


How much?

Try it out and see for yourself which projects artness.net suggests as compatible – it’s free! Once you have found your perfect partner, you can decide if you stay or cancel your registration.


Where to begin?

Simply register your company and begin uploading your campaign profile. If you have problems at all in answering our matching questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case you need assistance, we can gladly work with you to upload your campaigns and if you still need help when negotiating with matched cultural organisations, we can help you develop the right strategy to make sure you get a ROI.

Little budget but lots of interest

No matter how high or low your budget is, or what you may have to offer in terms of in-kind support, there are often arts organisations or projects whose needs can also match your capabilities.

It’s a match – what next?

If you require assistance, we can consult you in the conceptualisation and execution of your corporate cultural partnership. Out team has many years of well-rounded experience in cultural sponsorships, B2B Marketing, arts management and VIP relations both nationally and internationally.  

Contact us if you need assistance.

Is artness.net suitable for larger, multi-national corporations?

artness.net is there for all who are interested in corporate cultural partnerships. Although many larger corporations often have sponsoring departments with a team dedicated to finding the right partnership activities; artness.net can still offer such companies a tool to reduce research time. Don’t forget you remain anonymous as business member.


Tax deductible?

Technical problems?

Sorry if you are experience any technical difficulties with artness.net. If you could please send us a mail to info@artness.net with a description of your problem (and a screenshot), we will do our best to rectify the problem asap.


You have questions or require assistance? Please wirte us a mail at info@artness.net or call us on +49 30 513 026 00.


The vision of artness.net?

We believe in the Arts and the importance a richt cutlural life has for us as not only as individuals but also as a society. The Arts enable new experiences and often requires that we think critically about current situations.

In Germany, the high level of state-funding for the Arts is a clear signal of the importance placed on culture not only by the government but also the people. In comparison to say countries such as the United Stated and Australia, where arts organisations rely on a much more diversified revenue stream, often heavily dependent on private and / or corporate support.

Even though the Arts here in Germany are perhaps in a more secure financial position to our Anglo-Saxon colleagues, this does not mean that the opportunity and benefits of corporate cultural partnerships are not possible. In fact, there are many arts organisations and projects interested in developing relationships with business to enable innovative, new projects which may not have been realised to this date; and to ensure that in the uncertain world we live in, that they have a sustainable revenue stream to remain viable for the years to come.

For many businesses, arts sponsoring or as we like to call it, corporate cultural partnerships, have often been thought of as supporting nice projects with little in return. This image is completely false and must be changed, in fact, if planned correctly, corporate cultural partnerships actually offer a highly integrated solution for business to achieve many different objectives, be they marcomms, CSR, corporate entertaining, employer branding or employee engagement related.

We believe in the effectiveness of corporate cultural partnerships and we believe in digitalisation. With artness.net we aim to bring business and the arts closer, more quickly and with fewer resources. If it is a perfect match and a synergistic partnership is created, then our job is done!

Who or which company is behind artness.net?

artness.net is a service of THE ART OF BUSINESS, Jackson & Röschke GbR

To find out more about us and our backgrounds, please visit us here.