What and why. Questions and Answers.


For who and why?

In a nutshell, artness.net offers all arts organisations and projects a platform to present to an actively seeking audience of businesses interested in corporate cultural partnerships. It is especially suited for those without the resources or personnel purely dedicated to sponsorships or fundraising. artness.net is also suitable for individual artists interested in developing partnerships or cooperations with business.

For many, the most difficult step in any fundraising activity is getting the opportunity to present to qualified leads. With artness.net, we provide a platform whereby arts organisations, projects or individual artists will be matched to businesses interested in developing their corporate cultural partnership program. Compatibility will be based naturally on audience demographics but also criteria including vision, values and marketing communication channels.

What kind of sponsoring are possible?

The kinds of sponsorships possible for arts organisations or projects are diverse but can be divided into two categories –financial or in-kind support (goods or services). Often artistic organisations are not just looking for financial partners; but given their circumstances could also benefit greatly from in-kind support whether that be in the form of goods or services. Eg. Furniture for a new museum or pro-bono legal or tax services.

Why should I use artness.net?

  • You save time and internal resources
  • Front-of-mind: You will be visible to companies actively seeking or potentially interested in corporate cultural partnerships
  • Via our automated matching system and based on criteria such as audience demographics, vision, marcomms activities; your profile will be pre-selected and presented to companies with whom your profile is compatible

Should you require assistance with uploading your profile or developing an attractive sponsorship concept, please contact us for further information.

Why cultural sponsorship?


How does it works?

Three easy steps to artness.net and finding your perfect match (for corporate cultural partnerships that is!)

  1. Register at artness.net
  2. Complete our short matching questionnaire and upload your individual sponsoring project
  3. Our database will match your project profile to all our registered companies interested in corporate cultural partnerships. As soon as there is a match, our registered companies will be informed and will contact you if there is interest in further discussion.

It was a conscious decision of artness.net to maintain the anonymity of our registered companies. As you can imagine, many businesses are bombarded with requests for sponsorship, often without any thought given to the fit or relevance of such a sponsorship to that company. This can cause unnecessary work for such companies to review and naturally answer such requests and in the end can also create a negative impression on the professionalism of arts sponsoring. artness.net should create value for both sides and bring together compatible businesses and arts organisations / projects.

Should you require professional assistance, we are here to help. Naturally you can also keep your project profile in our system (given it is still valid) or upload new projects as they are relevant – new matches are only a click of a button away!


How long will it take?

Usually in Europe, marketing budgets for the following year are set in the autumn (September / October). Arts sponsoring will also often be seen as a long-term, strategic decision, so decisions can take time. From our experience, arts organisations should really plan at least a year to start seeing tangible results.

Will I find a sponsor?

artness.net can increase the visibility and chance of getting in contact with companies either interested in starting a discussion on corporate cultural partnerships; or who are currently shortlisting to decide. artness.net will not and is not intended to create finalised sponsorship agreement – that would be naïve, there is definitely more work involved than just the klick of a button. What we can do though is bring together business and the arts sooner.

Increase chances for success?

Given that you have answered all our matching questions faithfully, the matching should not be influenced. What is important though is that you include an attractive and concise overview of your organisation or project in the profile section.


What should be included in our project profile?

Firstly a brief overview of your institution, your art-form and your ultimate goal as an arts-organisation / project – Don’t be shy to use emotion and display your passion for what you do!

Photos are also a great way to create interest – choose those which convey the same passion as in the written description. (FYI – we are working on including video!)

Should I include sponsor packages?

Standardised packages can be included in the project description although don’t forget that successful sponsoring partnerships are usually based on company-based objectives in close collaboration with the cultural partner.

For further support please don’t heistate to contact us on +49 (0) 30 513 026 00, info@artness.net

I’m registered – what next?

To ensure that our matching suggestions for our business partners are valuable, a project profile must be uploaded. Matching will not take place with only your registration as a member.

Various projects?

Each member can upload multiple projects for matching.


How much?

Try it out and see for yourself if there is a artness.net suggests as compatible – it’s free! But remember, as in life, sometimes finding the right match can take time.

Do companies sponsor small?

Trying never hurt anyone! Many smaller and middle sized companies are also interested in supporting local initiatives.

As a large arts organisation – Is it for me?

Why not supplement your current sponsorship activities through artness.net .

Individual artists – possibilities?

Sponsoring of individuals is not the norm although over the past years, there have been numerous collaborations between artists and companies which have resulted in lucrative and interesting partnerships. Register simply with artness.net and get in the game!


Why are business members anonymous?

Companies often receive many unsolicited enquiries for sponsoring monies, thus creating even more work for the company in question. artness.net should also offer our business members a benefit and one of these is their anonymity. Companies interested in sponsoring the arts are provided with an overview to matched arts projects and all the information they need to get in contact with those projects, should they be interested in discussing further. By doing this, businesses can direct enquiries to artness.net and request further information from suitable projects provided in their matching results. 

You’ve been contacted by a potential sponsor – What now?

To ensure that your conversations and negotiations are as professional as possible, the team at artness.net are here to advise you. With actual experience in the arts as well as b2b sales, we are ideally positioned to uncover synergies and create lasting partnerships.

If I receive a sponsorship offer via artness.net, do I have to accept?

There is absolutely no obligation on either side. artness.net is a tool to bring both sides into an initial conversation – that’s all!


Technical problems?

We apologise for any technical problems which may occur and are extremely thankful if you could alert us to these problems (with screenshot) via email – info@artness.net . We will do our best to rectify this problem as soon as possible.


You have further questions or require assistance? Please send us an email at info@artness.net or call us on +49 (0) 30 513 026 00.


The vision of artness.net?

We believe in the Arts and the importance a richt cutlural life has for us as not only as individuals but also as a society. The Arts enable new experiences and often requires that we think critically about current situations.

In Germany, the high level of state-funding for the Arts is a clear signal of the importance placed on culture not only by the government but also the people. In comparison to say countries such as the United Stated and Australia, where arts organisations rely on a much more diversified revenue stream, often heavily dependent on private and / or corporate support. 

Even though the Arts here in Germany are perhaps in a more secure financial position to our Anglo-Saxon colleagues, this does not mean that the opportunity and benefits of corporate cultural partnerships are not possible. In fact, there are many arts organisations and projects interested in developing relationships with business to enable innovative, new projects which may not have been realised to this date; and to ensure that in the uncertain world we live in, that they have a sustainable revenue stream to remain viable for the years to come.

For many businesses, arts sponsoring or as we like to call it, corporate cultural partnerships, have often been thought of as supporting nice projects with little in return. This image is completely false and must be changed, in fact, if planned correctly, corporate cultural partnerships actually offer a highly integrated solution for business to achieve many different objectives, be they marcomms, CSR, corporate entertaining, employer branding or employee engagement related.  

We believe in the effectiveness of corporate cultural partnerships and we believe in digitalisation. With artness.net we aim to bring business and the arts closer, more quickly and with fewer resources. If it is a perfect match and a synergistic partnership is created, then our job is done!

Who or which company is behind artness.net

artness.net is a service of THE ART OF BUSINESS, Jackson & Röschke GbR

To find out more about us and our backgrounds, please visit us here.